Sally Chan
I create a fascinating parallel universe with the collective memories from all of us.

3D & Concept Art

3D art by Sally Chan

Here is my 3D work during my study back in 2004 - 2006. During that time, I completed the interdisciplinary courseworks and studies of traditional art, digital art and 3D modeling, and established skills in life drawing, design, color and graphic theory . The "Hell's gate" level design with the Unreal Engine was selected as a featured class example for new students  ( See the reel below) .

3D Art Showcase | 2004 -06

Concept Experiments | 2003-07

The Cyborg 01 (Concept to Production)

The Abandoned House (Concept)

This project was focused on a 3D environment with realistic textures on low polygon models.

City Night Scene (Visual Effect)

This scene was created with high polygon models with varieties use of textures and Maya Shaders.

Abandoned House By Sally Chan

Conceptual Graphic Design | 2003-05