Sally Chan
I create a fascinating parallel universe with the collective memories from all of us.

Sandbox Art Calendar

Sandbox Art Studio Calendar 2016

Sandbox Art Studio Calendar 2016


Originally created for friends and families, a very limited quantity of the Sandbox Art Calendar 2016 are now available online. 

The paintings lineup in 2016 Calendar-

  1. Peonies in the new year morning
  2. See you by the lake
  3. The distance between us
  4. The force in veins
  5. Watching sunset ( in the other world)
  6. Give me a rose
  7. Shoot me with your heart
  8. Eze in France
  9. Stripping down
  10. Will  you still love me if I am from darkness
  11. Lightshow on the beach
  12. Closer to No.7

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