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I create a fascinating parallel universe with the collective memories from all of us.

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On the road of self-evolution

About one and a half year ago, I revisited my passion of art that was once put aside due to other priorities in life.  Since then, I rediscovered the fun of making art and have decided to commit to create art as one of my life mission.

'Peonies In the New Year Morning' at Azala, Union Square, San Franciso, CA.

Today, my artworks are showcasing in a clinic office nearby San Francisco downtown for the first time. Other than feeling delight with this little accomplishment, when I look back, I surprisingly find myself have learned a lot more than just art throughout this journey. 

'See You By The Lake' at Azala, Union Square, San Franciso, CA.

'See You By The Lake' at Azala, Union Square, San Franciso, CA.

What did I learn from this experience exactly?

It gives me the courage to investigate where I fell short and be persistence in pursuing after perfection. The more art I see, the better I can assess my skills, and I learned to appreciate others' great works and skills in every aspect of life. I also learned to embrace the time and the skills that I'll need to be at a better place. Yes,  just ride with it.

I built my confidence - it takes integrity to bring abstract ideas to our realm. The better I paint, the more precise and quicker I am at solving problems.  Now I have a vision and can see what  needed to be done in different circumstances.

By doing art, I have become more socialize. No art sells itself really, and networking is a very good way to let people seeing and knowing about my art. Moreover, to be able to create art that can touch people, I must learn what are the connectors between I ( in a form of my art) and others. 

'Art Is Not What You See But What You make Others See' - Edgar Degas

When I look back on this evolutionary road, it is full of good surprises and self-discoveries, and yet it is far from over.  I'd probably spend some times exploring UX, digital and feasible art in the following years, as I stubbornly believe that art comes in all kind of form- tradition art and digital art should coexist.

Some people say having a hobby or building a dedicated skill can often attribute to our success in life. 

Do you agree and have you find yours yet?

Peonies In The New Year Morning, 30 " x 30 ", acrylic on canvas

See You By The Lake, 30 " x 30 ", acrylic on canvas


Sally Chan
is an experienced multimedia designer and an emerging visual artist based in California. She creates a fascinating parallel universe with the collective memories from all of us.