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I create a fascinating parallel universe with the collective memories from all of us.

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Resin Art: The Beauty in Chaos

Last weekend, I had taken some pictures for my Beauty in Chaos series. This project started out innocent enough, I was trying to use resin as a coat on paintings and I bought a lot more than I need. Instead of letting the rest of the resin to sit and become a harden, useless garbage, I decided to see what I could do with it. Turned out, I was fascinated by the idea of what I can put in there.

Everything has its beauty in it. Even in Chaos, there is order within. It is about perspectives and using what you have to make the best out of it, just like life itself. No matter it is glory, hardship or some little daily things, we can chose to channel those life experiences to make something beautiful out of it.

These are pieces of frozen moments and memories.

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