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You Can See Now

You Can See Now, acrylic on art board, 24” x 16”

You Can See Now, acrylic on art board, 24” x 16”

People often ask me, where are your painting ideas coming from?  To me, ideation is never an issue for me as I tend to see my imagination in vivid details. My challenges always have lain in delivering them.

It is quite frustrating to struggle with the gap between my vision and the delivery, and it has caused plenty of procrastination.

You Can See Now, Close up view

About two months ago, I finally worked up my courage and decided to start realizing some of the most complex ideas that I have for a long time.  This artwork, You Can See Now, is one of them. It is a painting with a dark and neutral tone, smooth texture with a storytelling focus.

I am pretty happy with how this painting turns out. I feel like I have created the right intimate and emotional experiences of how I imagined it, which is a big milestone for me.

 This creative experience definitely gives me more confidence to continually challenge myself to paint out those highly complex ideas that I have been hesitating to work on.  I can’t wait to see how my next work will turn out.